qwop 2

qwop 2 is a new verstion of the famous game (qwop).
It is considered one of the hardest and interesting flash games all over the world.
The runner in this verstion has to run one hundred miters too without falling and have a good jump at the end.
qwop 2 game is updated to includes 2 players who can Compete each other to run the 100 miters in the shortest time.
This game enables you to compete with your friend in the same game using the same 4 keys controls for one athlete and UIOP keys for the other athlete.
It’s sure that you remember the game qwop ” the biggest and hardest game in all world”.
Aalthough qwop was so hard and takes more times till you achieve the main aim of the game and run the whole 100 miters without falling, the game gained more than 800,000 monthly research of guys who had real passion to try more and more and more till the end .
qwop 2 has the same aim ,the guys who play it have also the same passion of trying more times till they satisfy their curiosity of how will they feel when they achieve the hardest mission any more.
Maybe the reason of creating new addition of the game qwop is surely the great success and fames that qwop achieved, also the desire of it’s creator to increase the guys’s passion by updating the game to enable 2 friends to play together into the same lap.

how to play?!

To controll the player there are 2 groups of keys, qwop keys for the first athlete, UIOP for the other athlete.

For the first athlete, you have to use pair of 2 keys in each movement {qp},{wo}.

Press the key {o} to start moving to the forward , then press p&q together to make the player take his first step, then continue with alternating between qp/wo/qp/wo…….
In short {q,p} help the leg to be flat with the ground and {w,o} to lift the body up.

As for the other athlete, to control the player into, he has to use 4 keys too {UIOP} with the same arrangement of the the keys {qwop} viz, using pair of 2 keys in each movement {up},{io}, press the key {o} to start moving to the forward , then press p&u together to make the player take his first step, then continue with alternating between up/io/up/io…….
In the fitst attempt of playing, guys think that it is so difficult game and it is impossible to run all the 100 miters without falling, but by trying more than 2 or 3 times, they discover that it isn’t so hard as they thought, but In contrast, it is so easy and interesting game, and running the 100 miters isn’t impossible mission anymore, it just need training and trying.

The utility of qwop 2 game lies in showing how complicated is the human body beside testing the physical abilities in athletes.

I know it is not easy to control the player by usin 4 keys, but all you need is practicing more and more and finally you will find it too easy to use the 4 keys and control the player without any pressure.
If you liked the article, I advise you to try playing our international and interesting game qwop 2.