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qwop is an online game, it had a huge popularity made it the best online game in the last few years.
Qwop hacked is one of the most difficult and wonderful games that is widly known .

Its about an olympic runner from South Africa . He is caracterized by alow average intelligence . He is considered one of the mentally retarded.

This runner has to run one hundred miters without falling and have a good jump at the end.
At the beginning qwop hacked seems a difficult and complicated game but by practicing for once or twice times you will underestand how to play the game and how to deal with the 4 keys (qwop) . then youll be able to finish the 100 miters and win .

Pressing the key o to start moving to the forward , then press p&q together to let him take the first step then continue the gamed with alternating between qp/wo/qp/wo.
in another way q,p help the leg to be flat with the ground , and w,o lift the body up .
is a useful game , it shows how complicated is the human body beside testing the physical abilities in athletes .

qwop guide

 You need to realize that your runner  is competiting in qwop  with the best runners from all over the world so you should do his movements perfectly in order to make him be proud by  his nation

Remember well that running 100 meters is your main target and you can do this by using the four buttons (qwop).

By these 4 buttons  (qwop) , you can control in the runners leg .
Wach out of falling cause youll lose the game if you let the player fall , so try to save your self by not falling.
You need to use the keys very well and also you have to create good strategy enable you to finish the game without falling .

 Its not easy to control the runner movements using the four keys (qwop) specially you must use pair of them in each movement ( qp) , (wo) but by practising for more than one time , that will help you to understand the game and the job of each key . then youll discover that is easy and possible to pass the whole distance (100 M) and win .


if u searching for the best internet games, i can tell u about qwop game, it will attract you from the first turn, i guess it will be your favorite game between all intenet games .
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qwop game is one of the thinking & fun online games that enable u to think besides fun, maybe this advantage is the reason for being not just the best strategy game but also one of the best fun online games
In each movement you need to use two keys together ( w,o) (q,p) with alternating between them to make the runner move without mistakes .

 This difficulty of the game makes it more interesting as at the beginnin you think its easy to win the game , you see its only a race for 100 miters using some keys but then you discover its difficulty and complexity so you find your self more excited to try more and more till you achieve the winning and pass the 100 miters .

 This type of games doesnt rely on imagination nor having super power . qwop only depends on using mentality , having a true strategy , understanding well the four keys (qwop) and their jobs besides understanding how to alternate between them in the shortest time before the runner falls .

-Falling On The Knees Doent Make You Loss
-Press R To begin New Level of qwop hacked game .

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