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Qwop is one of the most popular and interesting flash vedio games  all over the world. qwop is an online game, although it’s popularity, it isn’t easy as you might think. In contrast, it is considered a very very hard flash game.
Qwop is created in November 2008 by Bennet Foddy_the independent game developer_ for his website Foddy.net.
Qwop game doesn’t depend on imagination or having super power.It depends on building strategy. It requires understanding how to use the control keys well.
Your mission in the game is to make your player run 100 meters without falling and make a jump when he arrives to the end of the whole 100 meters.
All over the years, qwop’s popularity was increased day by day till it became so huge today. The monthly search for qwop game is around 800,000 . this number ensures that Foddy was a genius game developer because he created a great game still alive and will stay alive for another 100 years.
Qwop isn’t an easy game but also it isn’t impossible to win. There are persons who could achieve the whole mission successfully and run all the 100 meters without falling. The issue needs just to understand the game very well, practice once or twice or maybe more on using the control keys . try also to build your own strategy. If you did the last 3 tips, I can say congratulations, you are the next winner.
Qwop is a very interesting sports game. To play it, there are just 4 keys _q,w,o and p_that you can use to make the player run. You should too practice more and more to use the conrol keys perfectly and to help your runner to arrive to the end without falling.
However it seems too hard, all guys feel fun when they play it. When you try it for the first time, you will discover that it is more than being just a funny game, it also requires strong strategy.
Qwop game forces the player always to think more and more. It is like a puzzle, you must think more till discover the true answer.
The same is qwop, you should try playing it twice or 3 times at least to understand the control keys and how to use it to control the runner well.
Qwop’s name is taken from the keyboard, it is a collection of 4 keys_q,w,o and p.
The idea of the game is so simple. It is rely on making your player run just 100 meters using 4 keys to control him. implementation  isn’t simple as the idea any more, it is completely difficult and complicated because you should alternate between  4 keys, every key control a part of the runner foot and you should  press on every key in the ideal time with no small fall.
Qwop is the best way for getting some fun. It is also can lead you to be crazy because of the control system which depends on alternating between 4 keys to control the runner into ideal time.
In qwop, you will play a role of athlete runner who must run 100 meters and arrive to the finish line before other competitors.
I can say that if you could to cover as much as distance as possible, it will be a big success. When I hear that this person could to run 10 miters, I can say woow, it is incredible. So take the risk, build your own strategy, be ready and start playing the most controversial game in all over the world and prove to your self that you can do any thing.
Because of being so difficult and complicated, Foddy_qwop creator_ said that he got a lot of negative mails for making qwop. Guys were so annoyed from the control system.
Despite of the negative mails, qwop game helped foddy’s site to gain 30 million hits according to wired magazine.
One of the most interesting thins I found with qwop is that qwop chooses its players itself. I mean that it chooses only the most determined or masochistic players who are so ambitious and full determination, who try more and more and never give up till achieving the whole goal successfully.
I found also that people who play qwop like to set their own goals in the game. Some of them feel like winners if they could to run 5 meters without falling. Others would feel the same feeling of winning too if they inched all the distance along the track over an hour.
How to play?
Qwop is about an Olympic runner from south Africa. This runner has to run 100 meters without falling and make a jumb when he arrives to the finishing line. It shows how complicated human body is in addition to testing our physical abilities.
To control the athlete, you should alternate between 4 keys, q, w, o and p.
By these 4 keys, you will be able to control the athlete to compete with the best athletes from all over the world. So you should to control his bits well to lead him to winning in order to make his country proud of him.
Here are the steps that will show you how to control your player?
1-    press o key to make the player go forward, then press q,p together to let him take his first step.
2-    Press o,w together to change his foot’s action then let him have a little forward moments.
3-    Press q,p together to help him take his second step.
4-    Alternate between both of w,o / qp to make him run.
5-    Save your athlete from falling. If he started to lose his balance, you will be in need to wait for a second to let him fall forward or backward a little.
6-    Press w and p together to save the athlete if he started to fall backward.
Some another tips can help you in building your own strategy:
•    Don’t let the simplify of the game idea lead you to trivialize of it. After playing the first tour, you’ll find it is so complicated more than you thought and you will find that running 100 meters is your mission impossible.
•    Remember to practice more on using the 4 control keys. That will help you to cover as much distance as possible.
•    Use q to lift his right thigh.
•    Use w key to lift his left thigh.
•    Use p,q together to retract the claves of his body.
•     Every two keys control a leg of the athlete. Q,p control the right leg while both of w,o control the left.
•    Keep your player balance, remember your mission _ running 100 meters in the ideal time with no falling_ and try to run as far as possible.
•    One of the most important instructions for playing is getting comfortable with the movements, practice once or two time before starting. That practise will help you to understand the game better and will help you to realize the use of each key.
•    Q key moves the facing thigh forward.
•    W is the opposite of q
•    P is the opposite of o.
•    Press w, p together if your player started to fall backwards.
•    Press o to start moving forward then press p,q to let him take his first step then continue with alternating between each 2 keys together q,p / w,o / q,p / w,o.
•    Remember too that falling on the knees won’t make your athlete lose.
•    The main technique is being built on how to use w,o / q,p well in the ideal time.
•    Whatever happens, don’t let your player’s body touch the ground.
•    In another way, q,p will help the player’s leg to be flat with the ground. W,o will help in lifting his body up.
Qwop cheat:
The principle cheat in qwop is the crawl walking technique that depends on sliding along on your knees.
If you couldn’t control your player’s balance or couldn’t make him run well, try to press q then w and keep alternating between them. Get on one knee then continue pushing both of w,q to crawl all the 100 miters.
Simple strategy to win :
You can win simply if you made the coming tips professionally.
*Press o.w at the beginning in order to make your player looks like he is making the splits then press both of q,w to move the runner forward then keep alternating between the 2 keys q,w.
*It isn’t strong strategy but it is a way to win. So it will be your choice, you can practice more to build strong strategy or you can use the up strategy or you can choose to cheat.
So don’t hesitate and start playing the most  exciting game all over the world, start to play qwop.
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